She murmured, I got wet. She gradually listened to her honest voice, perhaps because the switch was turned on. Maika-chan feels like she's writhing on the sofa and screams at the tongue technique of a man who has her face buried in her crotch. My grandmother's big breasts swayed and looked mature. Their size and shape, especially her dainty areola, made my dick hard. "Breast" she said, grabbing them in her palm. She smirked and stuck her tongue out of her mouth. "Good grief, what's with men and breasts?" She jerked her breasts, made her flesh vibrate, then pinched her nipples. "Here it is, Brother," she added. "Does it sound like you imagine?" I looked into her face just before she moved. Her expression seemed odd. She narrowed her eyes and her face looked strange. It was something that I had never seen before, but that never happened to her, and it made no sense when she looked at me that way. Then she leaned forward, her breasts bouncing as she leaned forward and kissed me on the cheek.

The next sentence that came out of her mouth was condensed, and once again, though I recognized her voice, the sound reaching my ears was strange as it came from her mouth. "B ... ah ... you can't" I gasped. It is the same response that I have had before. I didn't turn down the offer right then, just because I couldn't believe it was true. And then she lay on her back, leaning her heels on the bed as she made a bridge with her upper body, her shoulders resting on the mattress, her hands on the zipper of her dress. Moments later, the dress was lying on the floor, where she had tossed it aside. And what followed was the most shocking event of my life. It was a sight of my grandmother staring at me with lust in her eyes, as she lay back and stretched her legs. "It's the vagina," she said in sobs, her hands moving her underwear to the side.

This was the latest in a series of shocks, the next coming straight to me. It would be fair to say that my jaw was sagging on the bed and my eyes popped out when I watched my grandmother exposing her vagina for me to admire. The pleats are thick and juicy, the vaginal edges are bright red and glossy. There was a little bit of hair at the top of that crack, which was left over from her pubic hair. "You waxed it for me. He," my grandmother said. "I'll ask you a simple question," she added, patting those folds with one finger. "Do you want this vagina or not?"