I didn't say anything, took a small towel, dipped soap, rubbed it on her, especially behind her back, because it was a place she could never touch, she felt serious so she seemed to accept the light, stood still I rubbed it quietly, of course I could not miss any place, from back to beautiful breasts to the black forbidden area, you must have had no one to bathe for a long time, standing and enjoying herself, Unconsciously, her hand grabbed her hardened boy and sucked it gently, her mouth began to moan lightly, her other hand was rubbed on her chest. Suddenly she turned, turned on the shower, put it up high, then turned around and kissed her lips like crazy. My sisters and I were covered in soap, standing under the shower, kissing like crazy. As soon as they kissed, all 4 hands rubbed each other, to rub all the soap to clean, the person who was just clean, immediately bent down, took his baby to his mouth, even though I was still rubbing myself underneath. shower. The scene felt like some art movie. The shower kept pouring down, I stood enjoying the stream of water spraying evenly on my face, below, she was sucking the boy continuously, despite the water flowing down her head to her face.
I've been holding the wet boy from just now, pushing inside my sister, it was difficult at first, because when the greasy bath was washed away making it harder to put in, she groaned a little and winced. But then everything was fine, my little girl was sucked in all the boy, her hand was against the glass of the bathroom, I pushed slowly behind me, water still poured down on both of them. Seeing that she still had soap in some places, I took down the shower, she kept pushing her, one hand rubbed all over her body, one hand held a shower spray on both herself and her body.
Now my little girl was wet again and every movement was easy, I put her legs on her shoulders, started pushing, like this the boy went very deep inside her, several times made her needy. Her legs rested on my shoulders, I pressed on both of them, pounded continuously, her mouth was locked tightly, she wouldn't let her moan, her mouth kept purring, it was very pity, her eyes were closed, hands she then started poking down, rubbing her underneath as if to add more happiness to her. For a while, I have to change my body, today I will use my technique with her so that she can remember me. Her legs were still resting on my shoulders, I sat on the bed with a face-to-face position, but her legs were not placed underneath but still rested on my shoulders.
With this, the penis guy seems deeper than before, I keep stamping it, I don't know anything anymore, constantly looking for my lips to kiss, but if I kiss for a while, I have to let go because I breathe I can't. Her hand hugged her neck, her mouth was attached to hers, her neck was tight and her neck was also tight. My mouth is in her mouth, sometimes kisses her breasts, bites her nipples, then kisses her mouth again, her hands are squeezing her big white breasts continuously, pushing it together to make it look as big as possible. Do a few dozen more beats, I think I'm drowning, but still want her to be as happy as I can with this way, I move to the side of the bed, get off the bed
I did not say anything, still the same posture, but standing, now I bear her whole body, but different from normal, her legs will be around her hips, but her legs rest on my shoulders, a very good position. yoga. She groaned that she lost control. I also could bear all her weight, hurriedly put her down on the bed, stood under the bed, took all of her birth, stamped out continuously, sweating like a shower, found her also wet with sweat. After just a few dozen more beats, I could not stand it, and I took out all the shots on her chest. When withdrawing to shoot, she let out a scream, she stared back, her eyes widened, looking at the cock that was shooting hot cum stream of cum on her stomach and navel, a few drops shot straight at her breasts.