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Her hands rubbed my back and butt, and we were holding each other for 5 minutes, then she whispered in her ear to buy birth control pills lest she became pregnant ... when I turned around, she took her to take the pill. Then we went to the bathroom to wash together like a newlywed couple. I am just as young as your daughter so I am well cared for, she scrubs my penis and ass cleanly and I can only wash or rather continue to squeeze her buttocks ...
Before going to my room I ordered some night dishes, that night we decided to change the place to have sex to create a new feeling of excitement. After I finished eating and resting, now past 11 o'clock at night, I recovered and we moved to Shigemi's room. As soon as I entered the room I hugged her from behind, we kissed each other for a while, before we did not need to wear underwear so quickly stripped, she dropped her skirt and crawled onto the bed and humped her butt as requested earlier. I offered to play doggy style. Never before had I ever thought there would be a day when a naked middle-aged woman in bed let me fuck her ass.
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