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Basically Im not very close to anyone in class so my presence after a week off school doesnt matter anyone is it a break time I received a warning from the student office Officer for several consecutive days off the class representative kicked my arm. The student-shaped staff came directly to bring over turned to let her lie on her back At first thought that the brunettes were trying to serve her until she opened her eyes Seeing the student-shaped staff who just served brought her over she immediately smiled when her gaze moved to his crotch glanced at him below the erect penis she was on her face a expression of joy was revealed her mouth opened wide. Brother Im a 4th year student at the same school as my brother. At that time I was a senior student.In general during the student days it was impossible to call it a female college student. Near the end of term 2 exam the head teacher told the student to submit the original high school diploma to her. I said that when he was a student he loved a brother from the same school but when he graduated he came back to his hometown so the two of them couldnt come together. The life of a high school student living for three years of eager efforts to study is about to end. You must be a good student. Um my old student. The two of them also saw John the young man with blond hair came over and laughed and said Are you also the new student of the academy What room are you in .