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This is the file sent to you by the Department of Industry and Trade. Then remembering tomorrows appointment that deputy director of the criminal police department invited him to accompany listening to  he wanted to introduce him to a big businessman in the beautiful girl construction industry and buying and selling construction materials he decided plan to go go to diplomacy and if possible learn about so that there is direction with the the direction can be processed it can also be supports him in the race for the deputy seat. What is not clear is to find out what the industry is to say. It restored the in the way the  encroached on this civil engineering industry .In general the launch was also smooth the experience of many years in the industry meeting so many customers and partners of all backgrounds and age also helped me communicate quite well the initial feeling of trembling was just. Because I havent prepared enough mentality to debut quot parents-in-law quot thanks to my father being quite mentally open about stories I easily integrate with her family. When he was in high school he ranked first in at under took the Olympics to the next round of the region and after he finished his university exam he got the top 10 best candidates in the construction industry.

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