Yes where are the parents going for business. This morning an uncle called me asked me if I had free time went to to play and looked after his house to help him out on business for a few days. Job has to go on business all the time sometimes even a week 1 2 month even a month. All of them were tusks but I drank the buffalo and cows so I was still awake and they went up to the theater to the house where the owner broke after 10 oclock and still sang with dum well amateur I have the chance to Currently he has a golden voice but this guys family is very rich my parents are in business so we go abroad all the time we have a Karaoke room like outside then we have a meal today. I am bored heavy feeling miss miss scratch miss my skin. I remember the moment the whole family turned on champagne toast to celebrate the new year. I miss the handshakes the red envelopes the whole family celebrates each others age to get lucky I remember the transition between the old year and the new year the moment of sitting and watching the peach petals watching the banh chung green dream of a new year the whole family is healthy the business is prosperous convenient. Oh where am I in the middle of my life Does anyone understand things from my heart Is there any sadness as long as my own as long as this sadness Is there any greater sadness than this sad Tet holiday in prison. I also got used to it until the other day when I came back from a business trip she told me not to wait for her to come home she had an appointment with her cousin to have a late night meal but today her parents were at home Its okay to come back late please dont wait for me. Okay heres my business card. I thought you should have a good business right. Call me if you have anything your dad has business so dont call you know. My lover does not want to let me go on a business trip away from you hihi .If going to talk about business record it to avoid being jerked. He sat down on the stairs in the main hall of the hospital he was completely disappointed the hospital was too big he ran everywhere but could not find it he decided to go back to get his phone and call to ask him Maybe when he looked beautiful tits up to go home he saw a person walking and taking off his raincoat this person looked very familiar he looked a little more closely he realized that Ut was carrying curry in he was happy to run I came to take her to ask then suddenly she stopped she bent her head to wait for her to pass then followed her she walked around several blocks of houses and entered a department she looked up at the sea and saw the subject of internal medicine business. The number is that since childhood the Mit family had many people doing business so they believed in feng shui so the musician just approved the tattoo on his body for talent except for ghosts. A female number 1 in the North must be demanding a high salary. The company has no money to pay but Galaxy has not been able to do business for a long time so what do you hire a good pouting 69 style prompting