#Match app #Women's announcer feeling #Geek character #Beautiful ass #Erotic] Smile is dazzling! Or rather, it's too bright! It is a type that you can see that it is a good girl in 3 seconds after meeting. From Yamagata to Tokyo, while saying that there are no more dialects, the service spirit of showing off the dialects with a slight sense of humor. Fair-skinned skin, an innocent smile, friendliness, and a feeling of wanting to be a bride, rather a flag? A lid on a dirty heart that I doubt! For the time being, the feeling of a female announcer at a local station is amazing. (* It's an individual impression.) I went to Tokyo to get a job at a major sushi chain store, and talked about an affair with a black company and the store manager (50s?) And a revealing talk! I say something light and dark. While saying that alcohol is weak, he actively incites alcohol in the hotel, and he seems to be liked by his uncle, and his uncle's killer feeling, such a toco is exactly a female announcer feeling.