If the OL daughter who works with a serious face next to you now hides a ridiculously erotic real face ... Just imagining such that your chest and dick are pounding, right? Come on, this one to deliver to you, a delusional tribe! A very ordinary OL and Yui Ayana, who are everywhere, transforms into a high-class prostitute in the after-five, and flies from pole to pole of a celebrity in various fields! And what! Comes with a bonus that will match your boss at the reception! Uhyah! Isn't it exactly a situation of the first run soup for the delusion tribe! What is the action taken by the boss who requests hole entertainment as a halt fee to the company ...! ? Every move, every blow, every fuck, anyway everything is too erotic! An obscene story even in the world of OL Yui. Maybe there is such an OL around you ... maybe? !